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Mpekatoni – Hindi 

Mpekatoni is a small town in Lamu County on Kenya’s north coast. When initial reports came out of an attack that eventually left up to fifty dead, the international community thought it had occurred in or near Lamu Old Town on Lamu island.
Mpekatoni is in fact on the mainland about 30 kilometers by car from the tiny port town of Mokowe.
On Sunday I took a friend’s daughter back to secondary school in Mpekatoni and spent the rest of the day snooping around and talking to residents.

Unexpected beauty along the way.

Waterlilies on the road to Mpekatoni.

Carcass of a torched vehicle and wall art, Mpekatoni

Breeze View Hotel where nine people were murdered while watching the World Cup.

An Orma resident of Mpekatoni.

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