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In 2015 Newsweek assigned me to track down billionaire Navy SEAL and founder of Blackwater Security Erik Prince in South Sudan. 

Personnel from his new logistics company Frontier Services Group were rumored to have been arming both sides of the conflict in the nascent war-torn country. 

I didn’t find Prince himself but signs of FSG in Juba, and near the oil fields in the Upper Nile state, were aplenty. 

More on that later. 

In September, I passed through UAE and found Erik Prince’s “Blackwater” (note logo) catamaran docked in front of his two villas in a gated enclave in Abu Dhabi. A local realtor said they were valued at $5 million – and one was for sale. 

A view of Abu Dhabi from one of Prince’s two villas

Ferrari parked in villa garage

Catamaran with Blackwater logo

8 comments on “Erik Prince in Fun City, Abu Dhabi

  1. Janna——Neen Love your comment. I note you wrote it after my mother supposedly had a “heart attack” [she didn’t, according to the hospital doctors].
    What kind of best friend doesn’t inform her best friend’s daughter of such a severe health setback? A narcissist’s proxy, that’s who.
    I hope to learn one day how she manipulated friends like you into stalking me on the internet, withholding the truth, and of trying to guilt me [once again] into subsidizing her lifestyle of overspending.
    The answer is NO. Full stop.
    My mother neglected to give me the time of day. Even if she were the loving nurturing mother I deserved and craved I don’t owe her a damn thing – except to make sure she is safe and sound and in good capable professional hands. Which is not her proxies. That said, I hope she’s paying you well because it’s unclear to me what you get out of such meddling other than a little excitement.
    When I’m in Tucson I do not want to engage with either you, Susan Beeswax, or the mean realtor lady.
    You might want to take a look at the following:
    1. ….”many people are unfortunately not prepared for the task of raising children. Many parents have a negative self-image which they unwittingly extend to their children”.
    (In the case of my mother I’d say wittingly. She knew exactly what she was doing).
    My mother also told me had Castro not come to power in ’59 Cuba (the fashionable place to get abortions then) she’d planned to abort me. I’m all for pro-choice; what’s astounding is she told me that at all let alone when I was in my early teens.
    Much love, Margot

    1. I don’t give a damn about her friends. Thet are not my business. I told you over the phone I was grateful that you were there to help her. You replied you didn’t need my gratitude.
      Who needs this crap?

    2. All About Mom –
      I spent the last several weeks “doing the shopping”; helping my mother clean up her finances, get her to doctors appointments, meeting with useless caregivers, get her into a safe environment, clean her house (including the dog shit) in preparation for the house sale.
      Where were you? Did you do any of this before or during my stay in Tucson?
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      I don’t know why so many fawn over my mother, narcissist-in-chief, a shallow, judgmental, grandiose, entitled, and, especially, cruel woman. For as horribly as she’s treated me I owed/owe her nothing. But by flying all the way from Africa to see her, I can look back knowing I did the right thing. She might think I was fussing over her, but I did it for me.
      What say you, Janna——-Neen?

      1. All that said, she is the only mother I’ll ever have….but if I see her again before she dies it will be on my terms.

  2. Right pls mind your own business

  3. terrydarc says:

    Erik Prince is becoming more interesting all the time. Multiple Trump connections and now the Trump empire seems to be crumbling around the edges. Would love to know who Prince met in the Seychelles (story in WaPo 4/17 but I’m sure you’re more aware of Prince than I.
    Nice to know also the links to Prince in Abu Dhabi, Russia and Trump campaign.

    Good job and nice photos.

    1. Thanks, Terry. In 2015 Newseek assigned me to track down Prince (and/of evidence of his new security/logistics company) in S Sudan. I’m now on his latest trail in Somalia.
      All roads seem to lead to Erik Prince these days…!
      I’ll also revisit Prince in the Seychelles …

    2. Terry please check out the little video I made using clips from my visit to Abu Dhabi.

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