December 6, 2022

5 thoughts on “Nanni Moccia — A Serious Old Lion

  1. Right words written and found at the right time.
    More we are piercing the future… more often we gather to hand over ashes to the afternoon tide of Takwa Channel.
    It is somehow a dark tought for a community of immortal or a way to remember a golden age that is gently dissolving.
    You are right about death far from the the anguish of a European Hospital. It would be impossible to bear the professional kindness of a nurse that would certainlly refuse to take our last breath on her brest.
    All the best
    Friendly your Claudio

    1. Thanks, Claudio!
      Anna Casagrande said Nanni once confided that he never wanted to suffer infirmities of old age ie grow old! Who does?! And he died with his boots on, as they say — in Africa.

  2. Saddened to read of Nanni’s passing; our families were “across the fence” neighbors in Porto Ercole for some fun years, and it was wonderful to be friends with the three sons. In fact, we still refer to their house as “the Moccia house” (I don’t think its formal name, L’Ucellino (?), ever stuck with anyone) and when we meet up there again for summers, we inevitably retell tales of Nanni and his varied visitors. Thank you for sharing the event so well, and Godspeed Nanni!

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