January 27, 2023

7 thoughts on “LAMU PORT ground-breaking ceremony

  1. People making the loudest noise are white neo colonialists people whose only concern is white sandy beaches to lay your backs! You think you know what is best for Africa? This is KENYA keep your condescending know it all attitudes in the winter wonderlands you came from.

  2. Is neo colonialsim not a question of globalization? And who takes the profits? The earth, our mother of being? Or some global players who just think of their own short term profit?

  3. hey luzangomfupe, I am a Kenyan, and completely against the port. dont think we are sitting back and watching this with a smile on our faces pretending to be completely oblivious to the invasion that we are facing. i love my country, and people need jobs. but lets first figure out whom the contracts for construction have been issued to, hence eradicating the notion that this god sent port will create jobs for the improvised. Also, acknowledge that the bajuni people who are now landless, homeless, and soon to run out of a sustainable food source – fish – have been left numbed and paralyzed by the government. “Our houses have been bulldozed and paved for roads.. i have no faith in our government!!” yelled one 70 year old bajuni man during an interview. All is not well in the name of progress my friend. stop thinking that we need this and calling names such as “white neo colonialists” when it is so blatantly evident that china is the real colonialist. we are just another tap for their perpetual desire for resources. ps: also, lets not ignore that ever since the chinese invasion in africa, the amount of poaching on wildlife and destruction of pristine natural habitats have seen their highest. should i remind you of the 450 elephants slaughtered in chad, where the ivory from even immature elephants were traded for ammunition and arms from the chinese? open your eyes my brother, before we lose our land in the name of greed.

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