January 27, 2023

5 thoughts on “Uhuru Decides 2013

  1. Am a Kikuyu from Shella my father came in Shella 1968 no other tribe except the Swahili.Kenya is a tribal country everything is done along ethnic you combine to make a move and that is the truth.In coast u are blaming the Kikuyu for Nothing the Highest land holder in coast is Ali Mazurui, Swalehe Guru, Uhuru, TSS and the son of Moi Philip.You mean election would be fare when Raila winners i don’t think so We have the best Court ever I don’t think Uhuru stall 0.8 million the gap between him and Raila.Raila want the Re-election so that he can remain in power and they can drag the whole process if the court rules against Uhuru i tell u we shall have the election next year, but leave to the court.The mrc cant solve the coast problems even if the government of Kenya hand coast to mrc more poverty.Al Shababu started the same way oh fighting for our people. We need to be in a country where we have the constitution in place for your information we have the best constitution in the World if implemented so let go to court now.Enough of bl-ems Remember this is a new system every county with a house unfortunate lamu has a deputy speaker and others who are not educated to interpretation of the constitution that bad for development.Lamu we have new a port How will the house protect the Lamu environment under this unlearned people this will cost as very big let not blame the tribe.

    1. PS – thanks for your thoughts, Elias.
      How can the constitution protect those marginalized if as you admit the country runs along ethnic lines?
      re Lamu Port – which ‘unlearned people’ are you referring to? Local residents seem to be doing a pretty good job caring for it thus far.
      The big concern is the gov destroying the environment piecemeal (clearing mangrove forests, dynamiting coral reefs and dredging) during construction and then abandoning the project altogether.
      Are there measures to protect the environment and will the new government implement it? Progress is a good thing if it’s done responsibly and not at the coast of the environment which hauls in the tourists to the area.
      Progress at any cost is not peculiar to Kenya; it’s global. Destruction for naught a crying shame.

  2. Actually the received wisdom is *42* tribes in Kenya, and there are dozens of other ethnic groupings. But the definition of tribe is problematic.

    As for Lamu Port, it’s just a white elephant fantasy project, part of the “Lamu Port South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor”, which has no future at all unless some very major funding comes in to link Lamu to South Sudan and Ethiopia and give it some reason for existing. It’s a pipe dream, and should remain so in my view, while so much urgent infrastructural work needs to be done in Kenya. The unfinished feasibility project alone has cost Kenyan tax payers millions of dollars, much of which is comfortably tucked back in Kenyan bank accounts it would seem. My blog post about it at http://theroughguidetokenya.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/lamu-port-corridor-fraud-or-fantasy.html has a wide range of comments. I don’t think much physical work has yet been done there.

    1. Agh! Richard, sorry, only saw first line of your comment relating to tribe count and thought that was it.
      Agree with your assessment of port as pipe dream. Certainly is so far. Have you read anything recently about SS having made a deal to export oil directly to Eth as well as out of port in Sudan? Will find link and post if you haven’t yet seen. Also check out the Enviro Impact Assessment which is published on Save Lamu FB group page.
      Will dig into your blog in meantime.
      Thank you

  3. The country is in Ethic groups that many people don’t want to say or hear but that is the truth. The Kenya constitution proved the county leadership which you can tell Most are in ethic group or marginalized, so it’s upon the elected leaders to help the county. Lamu county assemble has many unlearned members starting with the deputy speaker among others, in the whole country, that will be a hard task for them to do the interpretation of the constitution and make rules for the county to protect the marginalized and the environment in Lamu. The leader’s dints protect the port construction in the first place so it’s hard to trust them any way. Port issue is out of our hands The Rich have took the control.But we can do something i believe, the locals residents have tried but in vain.

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