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McCarthy Tactics by Kenya in Response to Garissa University Massacre, some say 

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McCarthy Tactics by Kenya in Response to Garissa University Massacre, some say 


The state announced Wednesday that it has frozen the accounts of 86 individuals, businesses, and non-government organizations with alleged financial links to Al Shabaab. A list, released yesterday by Kenya’s Ministry of Finance, includes a dozen money-transfer companies believed to have roles in funding the Somali militant group. 

The announcement comes five days after Al-Shabaab attacked a Kenyan university, killing at least 150, followed by renewed public outcry that the government has repeatedly failed to secure the country against terror attacks.

It may seem surprising that two reputable, internationally recognized human rights groups—Haki Africa and Muhuri—are among those accused. Both groups have over the years earned stellar reputations in pursuit of ensuring that human rights are not violated. Governments, however, commonly zero in on legitimate human rights groups threats to the system. 

Most such rights groups, accustomed to the government’stargeting them in way or another, laugh off these latest accusations. Meanwhile, Kenyan authorities are interrogating members of a vocal grass-roots environmental group for their alleged links to last year’s deadly coastal attacks. The group hasn’t yet been identified on a list. 

An activist with the environmental-activist organizationnoted in conversation with me that the accusations are reminiscent of the intimidation tactics employed by U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy during Cold War, the origin of the term McCarthysm. Individuals were labeled Communists without sufficient evidence to back such allegations. However unfounded the accusations, associations with “the red threat” were sufficient to tarnish  reputations, even ruin careers and lives.

Muhuri and Haki Africa told local media they were unaware of being investigated for links to terrorism. [In a joint statement made by phone, ??] the two groups told a local newspaper that they deny the allegations. 

“This is a witch-hunt,” a Mombasa-based human rights lawyer told me last evening. “It’s the Kenya elite trying to show they’re in charge. And it’s dangerous.”

Responses by Kenya’s security apparatus to the escalating onslaught of attacks have included mass arrests, arbitrary detention, and extrajudicial killings. Reeling from last week’s massacre at Garissa University, though, the government appears to be applying new scorched-earth tactics. At very least the accusations are proving a useful diversionary tactic, deflecting focus from the urgent need to address the country’s weak security apparatus. 

Since 2011, Kenya has been fighting a proxy war for the United States in Somalia, and has suffered a rash of deadly retaliation. Since 2012 Al Shabaab has killedmore than 600 people within its neighbor’s bordersthe vast majority of them civilians uninvolved in the conflict.

@SomaliaNewsroom: RT @FaisalHassing: #Kenya closes down #Somali remittance companies. Playing at the hands of the terrorist again. #HowNotToFightTerrorist.



Members of rights group Haki Africa , Mombasa, October 2014


List of 86 people, entities whose accounts were frozen by Kenya for allegedly funding terror

From The Star –

The list is as follows:

1. Mohamed Kuno aka Gamadheere

2. Abdifatah Abubakar Abdi

3. Ahmed Iman Ali

4. Fuad Abubakar Abdi

5. Erick Ogada

6. Abdikadir Mohamed Abikadir alias IKrima

7. Maalim Abass Guyo

8. Dahabshill Money Transfer Company

9. UAE Exchange Money Remittance

10. Kendy Money Transfer

11. Continental Money Transfer

12.Amal Express Money Transfer

13.Juba Express Money Transfer

14. Iftin Express Money Transfer

15. Kaah Express Money Transfer

16. Amana Money Transfer

17. Bakaal Express Money Transfer

18. Hodan Global Money Remittance and Exchange

19. Tawakal Money Transfer

20. Flex Money Transfer

21. Legend International Consulting

22. Abdiwali Hajir Sheik.

23. Mohamed Girad Sheik Abdulahi.

24. Hassan Ibrahim Kasim J/A.

25. Mohamed Abdi Muhumed.

26. Bashir Mohamed Hashi.

27. Alyce Seraphine Sway

28. Abdullahi Mohamed Salat.

29. Moulid Garad Sheik.

30. Bashir Mohamed.

31. Sky Forex

32. Ali Hassan Sagar Aka Qathar.

33. Faisal Ahmed Nuur Amaje Aka Faisal Ahmed Mohamed

34. Mabkhut Idha Bukheit.

35. Bashir Abdirahman Mohamed.

36. Abdi Kassim/Osman Abdi Kassim.

37. Mohamed Sheik Osman Egal.

38. Mowlid Khalif/Moulid Khalif Ali.

39. Yassir Mohamud Ahmed.

40. Ahmed Harob.

41. Ali Hassan Gure Aka Ali Baba.

42. Sehikh Hassa Abdirahman.

43. Sayed Abdullahi.

44. Agency for Peace and Development.

45. Haki Africa.

46. Muslims for Human Rights Group (Muhuri)

47. Abdi Ibrahim Haithar alias Agwein Aka Gamadere.

48. Ainul Qamar Lodge and Hotel.

49. Sheik Mohamed Umal

50. Abdillahi Mohammed alisa Abdullahi Mrefu

51. Abass Ibrahim alisa Abass Kidogo

52. Ali Dumaa’al

53. Abdifatah Yare mohamud.

54. Abdalah Godana.

55. Mohammed Hassan Duale.

56. Abdi Gedi Amin.

57. Ali Bashir Hassan Adan.

58. Ali Gedi Ali.

59. Mohamed Yarrow Adan Mohamed.

60. Abdullahi Mohamed Holale.

61. Turan Adan Hirsi Sheik.

62. Mahbub Abdullahi Adan.

63. Abdullahi Yusuf Farah.

64. Mohamed Ahmed Bedel.

65. Abdi Mohamed Dahiye.

66. Ahmed Adow Omar alias Qalib-Safi.

67. Kuni Elle aka Dikus.

68. Hussein Gosa Worku aka HG.

69. Nyacke Sike.

70. Rashid Sora.

71. Abdi Boru.

72. Abdi Ibrahim Adan.

73. Rashid Ali Guyo.

74. Ali Hassan Mahat.

75. Mohammed Mulki.

76. Abass Kubwa.

77. Mohammed Abdi Kesy.

78. Dekow Adoon.

79. Hassan Tagar.

80. Abass Derow.

81. Ibrahim Kobia alias Kamukunji.

82. E Coach Company

83. City to City Services

84. Sabrin Bus Services

85. G Coach.

86. Laban Hussein Degel

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  • Ok so Haki Africa is in the list? I was wondering how comes I have not heard them since the Garissa massacre. I can now join the dots. So they are on the other side i.e against the fallen 147…. it now makes sense indeed.

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  • How did all these companies or institutions most of them owned by somalis establish themselves in Kenya? It seems we are not very careful. If we continue this way we will soon find ourselves as caretakers of somalis in our own country. Former Galole MP once said to Jeff Koinange that Kenyan Somalis have been turned into caretakers in their own homes by Somalia Somalis whom they welcomed, accommodated and even helped to acquire Kenyan Id’s hence the common clan wars in NE. 

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    • Nothing surprises me anymore in Kenya. Money is king of all sesames. If Chinese can operate dog meat restaurants in the city illegally, why not expect Kenyan Somalis to engage in terrorists operations unhindered? Remember that those who attacked in Westgate apparently hired a place to stock their munitions and worked like ants slowly but surely to fill the place with arms. The student who testified in Garissa also said that the terrorists had hidden their munitions in some room in the university. So each time these terrorists attack they always come in armed lightly thus get in unnoticed. Once inside they get to their stock of arms.

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      • Somaalis own the second biggest province in kenya and they are 5th largest tribe in kenya you talk stupidity intead of talking how to improve security you talk how to improve insecurity. Watch your words

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        • We will fight terorism yes but our Somali brothers must be frank with us. They must stop cooperating with their Cousins from Somalia to Kill us. First and foremost the Fifth largest tribe is false as the census was cancelled due to the fact that the numbers could not add up. All of asudden Somalis started being born us adults which is quite un natural We know that a former Somali army general facilitated the issuing of Kenyan IDs to Somali refugees so that their numbers could swell at least according to the former Galole Mp Dadho Godane. Yes the numbers have swollen and now all they want is to get rid of Kenyans who dont look like them like the Garissa masaccre. Of course We are suppossed to keep quite and accept they are the fifth largest.

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        • The clerics in NE province (whom the census data enumerators thought were sincere) falsified the population data collection forms (during the last census) but as a result of their stupidity, they populated the forms with more male children and many adults (as if they had suddenly dropped from heaven) and therefore they were caught flatfooted! We also know that the orphans of Siad Bare (Somalia Dictator) escaped with looted cash from the country’s treasury and were facilitated to acquire Kenyan ID cards in 1991 by their local cousins and a former senior military general. On improving security, the proposed (new) generation ID cards are expected to assist the Kenyan’s intelligence system (and their foreign counterparts) to track down and eliminate these terrorist (read Somalia Somalis aka Siad Bare orphans). You watch your back!

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