On NYT “Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA”


Until I read this NYT article Jeffrey Epstein’s sole redeeming feature seemed to me the fact that he produced no offspring. The idea of his moral insanity’s proliferating through the human gene pool is horrifying.

The Times describes his dreams of seeding the human race with his DNA as part of the cult-like movement called “transhumanism”—the proposition that the human race can evolve beyond its current limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

The combination of aims makes a perverse sense. Epstein, after all, appears anything but human; he’s not a person who seems to suffer. Reports indicate that from day one he has been all about the money and how that money could fulfill his perverse fantasies. For him “transhumanism” is just another way to distort the sanctity of life to reflect his brain and penis, it would seem.

But then NYT calls Epstein a “serial illusionist.” Let’s not guild the lily; he’s a con man.

Epstein may be a monster that God didn’t even think to invent, but he’s not a one-off monster, an anomaly or freak. In sex trafficking he operated at the hub of a network/culture of monsters, such as Charlie Rose, Ghislaine Maxwell, Alan Dershowitz, and possibly former President Clinton—who chose to participate in sex orgies with girls as young as 14.

The article mentions Alan Dershowitz, the professor emeritus of law at Harvard, and part of Epstein’s 2008 legal team, as having been “appalled” at Epstein’s keen interest in eugenics, given the Nazis’ use of such…. to purify the Aryan race—then omits the fact that Dershowitz stands accused of having sex with underaged girls Epstein himself procured.

From a PR point of view the narrative seems aimed at distancing Dershowitz from Epstein while avoiding drawing attention to the accusations against him of sexual assault against underage girls.