Marrakech Express

Firstly, a note to apologize for long absence. Some say post Westgate xenophobia has lessened. Not true if you’re a journalist in Kenya. The things I want to write about I feel I cannot. Not if I consider Kenya my home. So this is what journalistic oppression feels like.

Casablanca is a sprawling, dirty, seaside attempt at modernity, with a few cool old areas with Deco buildings near the Corniche. The sunlight and semi-arid weather reminds me of LA.
Now driving from Casablanca to Marrakech. Countryside is a curious blend of agricultural France, eastern Montana’s flat cattle ranch country and Cholame, California, the artichoke country, where James Dean died.



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  1. Dear Margot,

    By now you will have heard that Makaburi has been murdered. I am saddened and in shock. You were right to get oout of here for a while. Don;t know what is to happen but fear we are on a path that will lead to more fear and pain.

    Stay well, Hadija

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