January 27, 2023

3 thoughts on “Mpekatoni – Hindi 

  1. Margot……not sure if you are off of FB, but I missed your picture on my friends list today
    ….looked as if you may be off. I hope it’s not for long…..and I hope all is well…..wherever you are! Miss you!

    Take care…..Kitty Watson

      1. Ok….good to know you are fine. Write when you feel in the mood!😀 I miss you on FB but will agree that it’s all pretty crazy. This whole election mess is, to say the least, disgusting and upsetting to so many…..including myself!
        I’m loving it here in northern Utah! Lovely cool weather….beautiful fall color and whisps of snow across the highest mountain tops! Am losing weight…..tho cooking a lot. I haul everything over to my son and family and that helps them out. Loving the time with my grand daughter, Willa June, who is a bright, funny, happy seven year old. We do lots of crafts together. Yesterday we made a giraffe….told her about seeing them glide through the yellow fever trees around Lake Naivasha!
        You take care…..keep well and safe.
        Keep in touch.
        Big hugs and much love, Kitty

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